Japanese folklore use a lot of nature and animals in them.


One of the more commonly used literary devices in Japanese folklore would be the images of animals. These animals were usually employed to give or convey a particular lesson for the reader of the folktale, and also usually towards the end of the story. The Japanese don’t seem to have a problem with stories having sad endings, because the emphasis is given to the lesson that must be gathered and learned from the tale itself. There are books about Japanese folklore that you can purchase online using discounts such as Lazada code or Amazon coupon code.

There are several popular animal figures in Japanese folktales, and most of these animal figures have become almost as popular as the tales themselves.

Popular Animal Figures in Japanese Folktales

sparrowOne popular animal figure in a Japanese folktale is the sparrow in The Tongue-Cut Sparrow. The story goes this way. A washer woman cut off the tongue of a sparrow that was pecking at her rice starch. The sparrow had been fed regularly by the washer woman’s neighbors, so when the sparrow didn’t come, they went in the woods to search for it. They found it, and after a feast and some dancing (which the sparrow prepared), the neighbors were given the choice between two boxes; one large and one small. The neighbors picked the small box, and it was filled with riches. The washer woman saw these riches and heard where they came from, so she went to the sparrow. She too was entertained and given the choice between two boxes. The washer woman picked the largest box and instead of gaining riches, she was devoured by devils.

duckAnother popular animal figure is the mandarin duck. The folktale is told this way. A man kills a drake mandarin duck for food. That night he had a dream that a woman was accusing him of murdering her husband, and then told him to return to the lake. The man does this, and a female mandarin walks up to him and tears its chest open. When you travel to Japan, you can find a lot of animal figures sold on souvenir shops. If you are worrying about your travel budget, you might have to take advantage of the Agoda voucher for booking a hotel.

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