Get to know Japanese literature.


literatureWhat is Japanese literature? Very simply, it refers to the body of written work that has been produced by Japanese authors in Japanese, or, in its earliest beginnings (when Japan still had no language of their own) in the Chinese classical language.

Truth be told, Japanese literature ranks as one of the major literature of the world, comparable in age, richness, and volume to English literature. This refers to both in quantity and quality, although its course of development has been quite different from that of the development of English literature. This is what’s amazing about Japanese literature: the surviving works comprise a literary tradition extending from the 7th century CE up until the present. During all this time, Japan never had to witness any “dark age” in literature, or a time devoid of literary production. Learning Japanese literature can be difficult so it is better to enroll on online classes using a promo code for discount.

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The Difficulties of Reading Japanese Literature

poetSurely, there are a few difficulties that one is bound to encounter upon reading Japanese literature. Even those who profess themselves as specialists in the act of analyzing and making sense out of Japanese literature are likely to admit that doing so is far from being an easy task. It actually takes a lot of discipline and training to do so, mainly because so much of Japanese literature resists clear and precise interpretation. This is a characteristic that is shared by all forms of Japanese written work.

For one thing, Japanese authors favor the element of ambiguity and uncertainty. While in the English language you can have a level or degree of certainty provided by the precise words being used, the Japanese authors enjoy being vague and ambiguous. Thus, you have works that deliberately omit some parts of speech, dismissing them as mere fuss and unnecessary embellishments. This omission results to a difficult process of analyzing and coming to a clear understanding of the text at hand. Same as the literature books you see when you go to the Amsterdam museumplein, Japan has a great value to their literature that you can find a lot of books from their museum.

Moreover, there was a time in the 17th and 18th century that Japan experienced a period of isolation. This period of isolation also had a significant impact on Japan’s literature. The result was that some of the literary works produced in this period used expressions understandable only to people who shared the same contextual background. For someone from the contemporary period, this then means a need to unlock these expression based on the existing conditions of that period.

Travel to Japan

One of the best ways to get a feel of Japanese literature is to understand and to gain some perspective with respect to their context and culture. In oder to do this successfully, it might help greatly if you try to explore Japan in itself, go to Japan and see the country for yourself. This might help you see the reason or reasons behind why the Japanese authors write the way they do, why they use the expressions that they use.

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