Here’s how to write your own haiku.


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Here’s one thing you can try – why not try writing a poem for him or her instead? Sure, it might seem to be a little archaic and old-fashioned, but the truth is, there is something in poetry that really gets either a man or a woman’s heart. If you’re looking for some techniques on how to write poetry, the haiku would be one way to go.

Four Tips to Write Your Powerful Haiku

stone haikuThe first tip you need to get or to master would be the art of choosing your background. The common backgrounds for the haiku would be prayers, rituals, and celebrations. Of course you might want to modify your background and try to relate it to the love that you feel for that one special girl or boy.

The second tip you need to get in place would be the matter of lines, becaus the haiku has only three lines. The haiku is minimalist in nature, much like Japanese landscape and interior design. With this, you’re going to have to keep a limit to everything that you want to say, without shortchanging the point which you do intend to convey.

haikuThe third tip you need to get right is the matter of syllables. According to custom, the haiku has a total of seventeen syllables in total. More specifically, the first and third lines are to have five syllables, while the second is to have seven syllables, following the format 5-7-5.

The fourth tip is covered in one word: Nature. The haiku also typically has nature for a theme, which means you have to pay close attention to the effect that your surroundings have on you, as well as on the feelings that you feel in relation to your special girl or boy.

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